Fouzi’s can help you plan for successful parties whatever the occasion and budget. We can give you the inspiration you need to create the perfect party menu that caters for all tastes and special requirements.

Our party catering service covers birthdays, weddings, engagements, corporate parties or an impromptu get-together with family and friends. Fouzi’s Cafe is an Italian food specialist but we can also provide you with a range of recipes from around the globe for your party.

We have been providing catering from our cafe by the River Dee in Llangollen since 2008 and we have many customers who come and visit us time and time again, and we guarantee your party guests will be as satisfied as they are.




Our experienced team at Fouzi’s can also provide you with bespoke menus for any special occasion. Whether you need simple freshly made sandwiches, a formal lunch or a more-relaxed dinner menu, Fouzi’s can cater for your needs.

We offer exceptional standards in food and drink for all parties, weddings, wakes and any other time you need something different from the norm. You can choose from our standard menus and mix and match selections or ask us to create something completely new from scratch. Whatever you decide, the variety and quality of our bespoke menus ensures your guests will receive the ultimate dining experience.

The main focus of our food is classically Italian but we also have knowledge of other cuisines from around the world that can be incorporated into your bespoke menu.

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